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Re: Help! need suggestion!

TedgFoto wrote:


A product shoot opportunity has fallen in my lap that I'd like to do... the problem is I have no experience with lighting. I have a good understanding how it works, but I need to figure out what to do about equipment. I've seen all the cheapy light kits, but from reading a little on this board, they are not recommended.

A little about the project, it's a small medical device. I need a solo 'floating' shot, a shot of it being held by hand, and then a shot of it on a patient, close up on the arm.

I'm considering a light tent for shooting the product itself, but I'm trying to figure out what to do for lighting the patient(will just be of the arm). I know I need to do continuous light.

I need to do this on the cheap.

So would love some advice for what you would do to get the job done. No DIY, as I don't want to look like a hack. Should I rent a kit? Buy one nice light and use a bounce for fill?

Thanks for any help!

I have read all the replies to your questions, and I suggestion is to give it a try. I have tired all types of photography, industrial product, food, soap, models, sports, fashion, jewelry, dance, landscape, etc. Each time I try something new, I learn a little more about lighting and photography in general.

It sounds like this is not a high pressure job so I would give it a try. However, before I did this shot with the actual medical device, I would practice using something similar in size, weight, and color as the medical device.

My suggestion would be to either buy or rent a couple of studio strobes. If you plan on doing more of this I would suggest purchasing some Alien Bees studio lights. For this job, the AB400 lights are more than good enough, but if you want to get into larger items you may want to look into more powerful lights.

If I were doing this shoot, I would start with a white background, assuming the medical device is not white. You can purchase rolls of white seamless paper for this, or if you want to go less expensive, you can purchase 3' x 4' sheets of white paper from an art supply house or from a school supply store.

For your "floating" shot, I would suspend the medical device from a piece of fishing line. The fishing line is easily removed in Photoshop.

For the other two shots, you may want to but a couple of 3' x 4' sheets of white foam core board that you can use as reflectors for fill light.

I would use one of the studio lights to light the background and the second to light the medical device.

If you set up and shoot your stand-in piece for a couple of hours using different lighting setups, I'm sure you will be able to produce some acceptable photos when you receive the actual product.

If you have the ability to shoot tethered to a computer with a large monitor, it makes this whole process much easier.

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