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rattymouse wrote:

Gaze wrote:

My last camera I bought was a Panasonic LX5 with a wide angle 18mm conversion lens which I'll probably just leaved attached with the Fuji X20 as my main workhorse.

Horrible idea. I have seen on other boards folks put various wide angle adapters on their X10's and the results are always awful. Corners so smeared it is not even funny. The X10 and now X20 has a blazing sharp lens and putting a wide angle adapter on it just ruins it all the way.

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Hi Rattymouse,

Generally speaking you are correct but not in this case.  You see, the DMW-LWA52 (18mm conversion lens) was specifically made by Panasonic for the Panasonic LX5 and it works great.  I believe, but not 100% sure, that it's the only P&S camera with a wide angle conversion lens made by the same company (Panasonic) for a particular P&S camera … the LX5.  If you wish, you can google the reviews and see how good it works.  The people on the Panasonic forum are kinda upset that the new LX7 does not offer this accessory from Panasonic anymore….well, at least for now.

If I do end up buying the X20 I wouldn't dare attach, even if it was possible, a wide angle conversion lens to the X20.  Like you said, it would just ruin it all the way.

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