HS50 vs X-S1

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Re: HS50 vs X-S1

Trevor G wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

Rather soft at telephoto, especially wide open

  • Strong distortion across most of the range
  • Chromatic aberration at each end of the zoom (most pronounced at telephoto)
  • Slower autofocus than its peers

You aren't doing a fair evaluation by choosing an after-market, cheaper zoom. It's not unusual for Nikon's or Canon's own offerings to be a little better.

However, most long reach in that end of the market, for quality imaging, is done with very expensive tele primes in the mega-thousand dollar market.

What the bridge cam market needs is a quality, constant aperture (around f2.8) lens, even if it only goes 20x or 25x, on a 2/3" sensor so you can shoot comfortably at ISO800. Or even ISO1600 in a few years time.

But there possibly is not all that much market for such a thing.

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Trevor G
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I'm more than happy to shoot the X-S1 at ISO1600, you should know what it looks like you have an X10 don't you. I wouldn't venture over ISO200 with the FZ200 going by the samples in the Pany forum.

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