Cone Thrift Inks - Reviews?

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Re: Jon Cone told me a few more weeks...

Petruska wrote:

This was yesterday.

Now on your question about the thrift inks being one universal ink set for all printers. They work fairly well at matching colors but to get the best from them your need to generate your own paper/ink profiles. Remember these inks are not for critical photography/artwork. I print wedding photos using Cone ColorPro pigment inks in my R3000, I use the Cone Thrift inks in my R2880 to print the wedding proofs. The R2880 proof dye prints match the the R3000 final pigment prints very well with custom ICC printer profiles. So when I'm printing say 200-300 proofs that mostly get thrown away I save a lot of money on ink.

Bob P.

Thanks, Bob.

Profiling is not a problem.  I'd need to do that anyway.

The 1400 is for short term work and the 3800, loaded with Cone 3880 inks, properly profiled, works great for 'keepers'.

I think the only reason I keep the 1400 is for glossy papers.  Pigments on gloss paper just looks wrong to me.  I don't like to switch blacks on the 3800 that often.

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