NEX vs. M43 Mirrorless Cameras -- Just a Toss-up?

Started Jan 6, 2013 | Questions thread
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peevee1 wrote:

It is not a toss-up, there are plenty of meaningful differences. Both Oly and Pany have weather-sealed cameras (E-M5 and GH3 respectively), Sony does not. Both Oly and Pany have cameras with both EVF and touchscreen, Sony makes you choose either one. Olympus has IBIS, stabilizing all lenses, Sony and Pany need in-lens stabilization, and not all lenses are stabilizing. m43 system has many more lenses, and those it has are of much better quality compared to Sony NEX lenses (it is important if you buy interchengeable lens camera), and most like lenses are more compact. The only lens which is more compact on NEX is 16-50, but if you are going to use only that, you might be better off with Sony RX100.

Newer NEX cameras have a little bigger (better) sensors though.

Ergonomics is different too.

Fascinating. So how did you find the NEX  and exactly what let you down on it ?? Did you try MF lenses at all with it using focus peaking ??

So why do you find that IBIS is better than OIS , what m4/3 and NEX lenses have you tried ??

So you say the NEX has a better sensor, any shots from both systems we can take a look at with your tests on both to compare ??

Just curious as I have used both.

All the best.


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