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Re: The Article & Olympsu DSLR Talk

dave gaines wrote:

...In spite of knowing the article is inventive at best, this conversation quickly developed into a platform for people to wish for a new m4/3 with a new, hypothetically plausible adapter. This ads nothing to Olympus DSLR Talk. It's distracting, negative, a forum killer and potentially a brand killer. This forum is slow enough without people posting preferences for other systems and saying Olympus DSLR are passe.

Hi Dave

Thanks for your input.

I will comment on the part in bold as, amazing as it sounds, I do care about this forum despite all the "troll" labels I got in the recent past for defending my opinion, and I DO care when I see something that can kill the forum.

And to me,  the most dangerous thing for this forum, at this specific moment, is not the occasional m43 meteorite which flies through the forum's sky (those burn up fast anyway), but the self-ostracizing it is going into based on the holy mantra "Mirror, PDAF, native 4/3 mount, Period !!!"

The discussion didn't develop into a platform for people to wish for a new m43. It quickly developed into a platform for people to wish for ANYTHING that will handle their 4/3 lenses correctly. Whether it will be a pure DSLR as defined in the dictionary or something different can be a tragedy for some, a detail for others.

The tragedy to me seems to be in the way we read things:

If "m43" is read as "Current m43 crop. CDAF, looks like box of lady wipes, almost the same size, and just as useless to real men" - indeed, not seing another 4/3 dslr is a problem.

If "m43" is read as "A camera with no mirror and a different mount" - it is way less scary.

Simple question: What would be your opinion on the following: A clone of the E-5 (size, shape, look, handling, battery, accessories, everything), with simply no mirror (be it SLT, or a highly advanced EVF, or whatever actually WORKS) - what would your take be ? Will you consider it, will you automatically discard it because it's mirrorless ?

As for your faith in the release of a future 4/3 DSLR - I respect your faith. Still, why would you consider someone else's personal opinion to the contrary as negative, distracting, forum killer ?

It would be simply an opinion, well argued or not, as anything else.

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