GH3 & Auto-ISO

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Re: GH3 & Auto-ISO

NumberOne wrote:

RicksAstro wrote:

wildlifr wrote:

No one's suggesting that manual ISO in manual mode shouldn't be available. We're suggesting that auto ISO in manual mode should be an option as it is on the E-M5 and I assume most DSLR's. In my case, for wildlife photography, I often don't have time to adjust ISO.

It's missing in a few DSLRs, most notably the Canon 5D Mark II.

Canon's Auto-ISO implementation is almost useless, to say the least, and a good example of how you shouldn't implement it!

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Agreed, although I didn't like Nikon's old implementation either, with no ability for focal length sensitive shutter speeds.

The new implementation is about perfect, especially with the Auto shutter speed with 5 shiftable ratios selectable... covers all the bases!

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