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Photozopia wrote:

Considering the lengthy hatchet job he did on the original - mainly AF issues - only to recant when it proved an industry 'darling' amongst better, more renowned, reviewers - I'll pass on his opinions.

My (most recent) claim to fame is that the Huff banned me from his site when I suggested the X100 was far too complex a tool for his abilities ... and that it was he, not the camera, that failed to deliver the goods!

FWIW, he's owned the X100, X-Pro1 and now the X-E1, and from what I understand he ended up keeping the X-E1 and loves it. He returned the OMD, the X-Pro1 and X100. He's a guy who goes through cameras and is pretty picky in certain scenarios. I'm not about to throw his opinion out the window, but I think it's important to know a bit about his situation when reading his reviews.

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he has never owned X-Pro1 or X-E1. He owns OMD, RX1 and Leica MM.

I was going by this article.

I now see this is written by a guest author, hah. My bad.

Which I found to be a nice read. It's similar to how my life is with both cameras and other devices. Sure, sometimes I buy the newest thing, but I tend to send it back when the next thing comes until I find something I'm happy with.

Either way, I found his preview, and some of his articles to be good reads. I don't see why people take this stuff so seriously.

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