GH3 & Auto-ISO

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Re: GH3 & Auto-ISO
I guess 99% of people here were never film shooters. Its second nature to me and takes a second to change the ISO.

That second often means a missed shot in wildlife photography

It is also bad depending on what your doing to have a different ISO for every shot. ISO is a last resort to make changes to.

Not in my opinion. It takes a few extra seconds in lightroom to fix noise. Try fixing motion blur.

Manual exposure is the advanced Pro mode and if your using it you should know how to make it work.

Implying that anyone who wants auto iso in manual mode doesn't know what they're doing is beyond arrogant. But given how clearly your anti-olympus agenda has been exposed, I'm not surprised that you'd make a statement like this as opposed to just admitting that it's an oversight by Panasonic to not incude the option.

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