Auto focus lag - Startup slow - A99

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Re: You NEED to be prepared for action shooting

Nordstjernen wrote:

Do you expect just to grab your camera and point at some action and then get great shots?

This instantly-ready-for-action-shooting thinking has very little with reality to do.

You have to be well prepared when shooting fast action!

I doubt that he is doing this. I've noticed exactly what he describes in all of my Minolta AF film bodies and the A900 I was shooting for a while, and most Sony's SLR's in general I've used. This seemed to happen mostly in AF-A. With many lenses, it zips right up to focus, then hesitates for a fraction of a second before it makes one more adjustment and confirms focus. Switching to AF-S fixes this in most of them. I believe that hesitation is the time when AF-A tries to determine if the subject is moving or not.

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