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I just discovered, unfortunately, that Auto-ISO doesn't work in Manual Mode, in other words, there's no way the camera calculates/inputs the correct ISO/Exposure if you dial your values for "Aperture + Shutter Speed"... (You can't also input the minimum value for it, AFAIK!)

What was Panasonic thinking when they designed the GH3's Firmware? Did they ever used a camera?

Some may not use Manual Mode a lot, but for many of us - myself included - this just might be a deal-breaker, specially if you think about action shots!

Is there any way around, or do you think this easy (and useful) function can be expected in a future Firmware update?

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If you are in full manual perhaps the camera assumes Everything should be done manually. I would think if you want to go to the extent for manual exposure I would not want the camera to automatically set ISO. I would want full exposure control so I think the camera is good it does this.

For the full (manual) control you want you could (always) disable Auto-ISO for Manual Mode...

I have not tried yet, but see if Intelligent ISO works as their are Two automatic ISO modes. Either way, manual exposure would include and should include manual ISO control.

Very grateful if you could test and report back.

Looks like Auto ISO works in Manual movie mode. On the dial its the "M" with the video cam icon.

You are correct no Auto ISO for stills in M mode

I guess 99% of people here were never film shooters. Its second nature to me and takes a second to change the ISO.

It is also bad depending on what your doing to have a different ISO for every shot. ISO is a last resort  to make changes to.

What I do is set the ISO to the lowest ISO whenever possible. Use the f-stop 8.0 as a starting point in daylight, 5.6 for cloudy and then use exposure compensation or slower shutter to change exposure or just bracket exposure in full stops or 1/3's thats subjective part.

So much depends on the ambient light, the ability of the lens f stop, physical camera position in relation to lighting source. Meaning can you reposition so the light is not directly entering the camera and do you need a ND filter to fix it. If you are hand held or in low light and the lens is slow you need higher ISO.

Manual exposure is the advanced Pro mode and if your using it you should know how to make it work.

I also think its a safety feature that forces you as the photographer to know what is going on with the exposure.

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