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Re: Question for street photographers

I think this is an important but complex question. Just about my first m4/3rds photo was "street' photography. Of three police officers on bicycles. They didn't see me, and I didn't ask their consent; but now I don't take pictures unless I have asked for consent unless it is a public event where photos might be expected. It means that some candid photos are passed up, but that is the way it goes. I remember an old man in Africa shaking his fist at me because he thought I had taken his picture. I think taking pictures of low income people because they are "picturesque" is exploitative.

I am still grappling with what I am trying to achieve with street photography if at all -  part of the process of becoming a photographer for me is understanding what I really enjoy. Part of it is learning the history of each genre.  I know I don't take photos of "the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above," although I admire and enjoy the photos of those who do. Not long ago I was experimenting with the long end of my 14-45mm lens to see what that FL might be like, taking pictures of people on the street after asking their permission. There was a couple who were just engaged who were delighted to have their picture taken, and I was happy to oblige them with a snap shot. There was a sense of community. This I enjoyed.


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