GH3 & Auto-ISO

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Re: GH3 & Auto-ISO

One of the problems here is historical/conceptual, IMHO.   The current convention for camera controls was inherited from film cameras for which there simply wasn't a sensitivity adjustment.  So we have:

  • "M" - you control EVERYTHING manually
  • "P" - the camera controls everything
  • "S" - you control the shutter speed and the camera chooses aperture and ISO
  • "A" - you control the aperture and the camera chooses the shutter speed and ISO.

The problem is that NumberOne wants to control TWO things (aperture and shutter speed) and let the camera control the third one.  That's just not the way the mode dial on almost all cameras works - it only allows you to choose any ONE exposure factor to prioritize.

This is why I'd love to see a camera with four dedicated dials, one for each of the primary exposure controls:

  • Shutter speed:  with positions for Bulb, all the standard speeds, plus "Auto"
  • Aperture:  with positions for all of the apertures plus "Auto"
  • ISO:  with positions for all the ISO settings plus "Auto"
  • EV:  -3 to +3 EV to adjust any of the other controls set to "Auto"

It seems to me that this would be an amazingly intuitive, no-brainer thing to do but none of the manufacturers seem to agree with me.   They're all intent on adhering to the archaic exposure modes we've inherited from the film era.

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