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toomanycanons wrote:

I know because I've been told so many times. How you feel about somebody taking your pic has zero relevance when it comes to how everyone else feels. My experience is very very few actually want their picture taken by a stranger.


Yeah, if you concentrate on winos and bums on the street, they're so downtrodden they probably won't protest. But who wants to take their pics anyway?

Just like Trevor, I'm perfect happy with people taking my picture and I know plenty take my picture everytime I go out taking "street" style photos around touristy locations (London's like that). I tend to take their picture in a tit for tat exchange which inevitably results in being asked to take their picture (and I gurn as I try and work out the controls of a 4 year old casio P&S...). It all comes down to context and to me whether someone is actively saying no or is unable to say no. I wouldn't want someone thrusting a camera in my face when I was eating a meal in public, but I have no problem with people taking my picture otherwise.

I think everyone has their own point of view about this and I don't like exploitative shots of drunks or homeless people either. But if you are in public you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy and you are fair game. However, what people should (in my view) apply here (no one has to agree with me) is "do unto others as you would have them do to you" - but that cuts both ways and doesn't default to the lowest common denominator either. But it does mean that in an ideal world street photographers respect the actively expressed wishes of others. I've probably got too philosophical now  !

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