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Re: If not When, life cycle of an OMD release & next DSLR

dave gaines wrote:

Jolly Oly wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

These aren't the most expensive SHG lenses and I'm not willing to settle for a m4/3.

so when new hybrid m4/3 camera, with state of the art sensor and fast pdaf focusing - but without a mirror and ovf - gets out, you will jump ship ?

That sounds like a foregone conclusion. That camera may appear some day a couple of years from now. It's less than a year since the EM-5 hit the market and only about 9 months since people could buy them so I doubt if Olympus will upgrade that model with a better replacement anytime soon. It would kill sales of their biggest selling camera in a few years, the EM-5.

Olympus historically offers upgrades to the E-x line every 3 to 4 years. That's why I think the next release that can optimize use of 4/3 SG, HG and SHG lenses will be an E-x and not an OMD.

OMD is one line of the Olympus cameras, just like Pen line. Pro-OMD has nothing to do with OMD line and will be positioned above OMD line. It still has no representative so forget about history and update circles.

Good luck in waiting for another mirror/OVF camera from Olympus.

Like I said, if Olympus offers a MILC with a lens adapter and hybrid, PDAF focus sensor and a video style EVF

and what is video style EVF ?

as a substitute for a large grip, rugged pro DSLR, no, I will not buy it.

I got that already, but still can't figure it out why..

especially if that video style EVF hybrid (OMD-pro, so probably dslr/GH-3 size) with SHG lenses on it, beats the crap out of anything but top notch full frame gear

We'll have the E-5 to shoot with for a few years so we can take our time deciding what to do next.

Obviously, no other options but to jump ship

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