Auto focus lag - Startup slow - A99

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Re: Auto focus lag - Startup slow - A99

dcheney wrote:

j900 wrote:

Again , I just expect it to keep up with or do better than my A700!!!

From my 30mn testing of the A99 the current (firmware 1.0) interface is noticeably slower than the A700/A900. Many aspects (power on, settings update after control dial rotation, menu scrolling, EVF to LCD switch time, viewfinder blackout even when settings effect and preview turned off) looked a bit too slow and, for functions present on both cameras, noticeably slower than on the A900. I've seen quite a number of similar reports here and on dyxum, too.

Arggg - was afraid of that....another product that has so much potential, but executed poorly.

Another aspect that i hate is this - they say how great it is to track sports, moving objects, etc becuase of the new SLT and no break in AF. But then your view goes black after every picture which seems even longer than the shutter on the a700. It makes it more difficult to track than and OVF.

Yeah, agree with that, that's what I called viewfinder blackout, and it is annoyingly long, as long as the shutter cycle time while it should really be quickly gone. David Kilpatrick @photoclubalpha has an interesting analysis of the shutter cycle and the blackout time - some of it is caused by the 14 bit capture extra processing time, he claims. You can win a little bit on blackout by going to the 3fps drive, which falls back on 12 bit capture.

Still that's not an excuse - One of the conclusion points that DK has is that the A99 is on par with the D600 and 6D, not the D800 and 5Diii, because of some aspects which have been deliberately tuned down, such as a single processor instead of a dual processor. Two Bionz could have annihilated most of the annoying slowness of the A99. One could for instance imagine that in 6fps mode, a dual processor would have helped to maintain live view instead of the slideshow.

One could even imagine that with sufficient mature technology and a mirrorless or SLT design, there would be NO viewfinder blackout, the image being continuously fed to a Bionz for display while the other one is "picking" the data for recording an image. SLT should really be that, NO viewfinder blackout, but for the moment it's MORE viewfinder blackout, which does not really make sense.

Look like another firmware update is much needed to have this keep up with the compitition.

Firmware upgrades really improved on the A77 responsiveness which was very poor at firmware 1.0 (and crticised by the DP review). So there is hope for the 99 - still there are things that are probably here to stay until the next-gen machine.

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