I think SR causes image blur

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Giant Tsunami
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Re: I think SR causes image blur

guzzibreva1 wrote:

I think I have found my problem. If the camera has been somewhat motionless prior to the shot, the shake reduction is just as quick as auto focus. If I move the camera somewhat then take the shot the auto focus is too quick for the SR to be ready.

I went through this question myself, I am no lab tech but in the tests I did I found no difference if the factors were identical. I cared as you do becuase I often magnify the small detail in my shots (through cropping tho, not large print), so for me it was also very important, hence the reason I bought a IIs. I can say I now shoot with IS on all the time, and if it were going to show a flaw on any pentax camera, it would be the IIs. Any little thing shows on this camera as the sharpness ceiling is quite high. I would shoot away using IS and not worry, it will be no worse than having it off. The only downside I can think of is perhaps a small battery drain?

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