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You seem to have a low opinion the others gear ..

CollBaxter wrote:

This and The equivalence thing goes around and around. I do not have to rationalize anything , I use and shoot with long l;lenses every week next to people with long/thick white and black tubes. I can see and shoot what t a lot of then can't. I walk the walk . If they located the subject and aimed in the general direction and sprayed with the gazillion MP camera they would probably get a better picture if they fired enough shoots. . My system works for me. I hope your system works for you. I like what I use. Maybe you should speak to a few people that use long lenses and when I say long I mean 300mm is a short/medium lens. Maybe the solution is a longer lens, or just buy the biggest FF with the biggest sensor and viewfinder and that will solve all photographic problems. There was a user on this forum whose solution to ever problem was to buy a D800.

It is not the matter of liking what is yours, it is that the facts do not support what you claim. I know what Dx looked like and I know what Fx looks like, and I can not see less because later happens to have a wider frame coverage. With the same lens. It just does not work that way.

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