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Re: Not a smaller, it is on the smallest format ..

SergeyGreen wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

I understand that not all viewfinders are the same size. But the E-53/5 view finder is not one of the smallest out there. I shoot wild life stuff with long lenses and you want to see what you are shooting. One of the problems with animal photography is the 'dead eye" this is a blacked out eye with no eye glint , it looks like a black hole . One often has to wait to see and catch the glint of the eye and take the shoot. You could get a rough framing and spray and pray. I have often had to sit for a minute or 2 for the animal to turn its head to get the shoot. This falls in line with getting in closer with a cropped sensor.

Collin, this is a repetitive theme, and it never changes. I used cropped Nikons myself and I seen what the larger format looks like. You can not see less through the viewfinder that is larger. It just does not make any sense no matter how you twist it. Ok, larger lenses, expensive, heavy, you can rationalize there anyway you want, but the viewfinder is just not the topic that many who used those cameras will agree with you on. It is not what you say it is.

This and The equivalence thing goes around and around. I do not have to rationalize anything , I use and shoot with long l;lenses every week next to people with long/thick white and black tubes. I can see and shoot what t a lot of then can't. I walk the walk .  If they located the subject and aimed in the general direction and sprayed with the gazillion MP camera they would probably get a better picture if they fired enough shoots. .  My system  works for me.  I hope your system works for you. I like what I use. Maybe you should speak to a few people that use long lenses and when I say long I mean 300mm is a short/medium lens. Maybe the solution is  a longer lens, or just buy the biggest FF with the biggest sensor and viewfinder and that will solve all photographic  problems. There was a user on this forum whose solution to ever problem was to buy a D800.

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