Advanced legacy lens user: What to choose Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Sony NEX-6?

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Re: It can be reduced to two words ...

Have you considered buying a 5n or 5r with a viewfinder?

I feel like one of the huge advantages of the 5n/r is that it has the touch screen. One of the coolest features of using my manual lenses on my 5n was that I could simply touch the part of the screen I wanted to focus on and it would zoom directly to that spot. From there I could quickly adjust the peaking level and was very proficient at nailing focus.

I have moved to some newer lenses and since have bought the 6, and I have been a bit concerned with using the 6 with legacy glass as there is no touch screen and therefore no way to directly zoom into what you directly want to focus on. In this scenario I think you have to click a button to zoom in, then use the directional pad to move the zoom around to where you want it.

Also the external EVF is an extra 200+ so I realize that is a consideration, but it is tiltable so it gives you a bit more flexibility than the built in evf of the 6 and 7.

Also I realize the 6 is newer, but its sensor is the same if not a bit less capable than the 5n because it has on sensor PDAF that ever so slightly detracts from the IQ/noise. Also part of the new pricing premium for the 6 is the wifi, controls, and that PDAF AF I mentioned.

Considering you are going to be slapping manual glass on this I would assume almost all of those features will go unused. As for controls, you don't get much more with the 6. You will be likely be using aperture control rings on the lenses and shooting in either s, m, or a modes. Since you have the bottom right button customizable, you can control iso from there. Then if you are in S mode you can control the shutter speed with the wheel. That gives you iso, aperture, and shutter quickly and easily. Exposure comp is just a click away of the 6 oclock position on the wheel. Drive modes are accessed by the 9 oclock position, and 5 more settings are changed by clicking the center of the wheel and putting whatever you like in there.

Just something to think about considering 5n bodies are going in the $300s right now. Maybe get one, learn the system, then possibly upgrade to a 6n if it comes out with a touch screen in less than a year. Plus this gives you $500 to spend on a Voiglander 15 for instance.

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