Cone Thrift Inks - Reviews?

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Re: Cone Thrift Inks - Reviews?
If you are assuming you can use the M Lm C Lc Y from the K3 set, I would not try it.

They are formulating a specific "Claria" set for the !400/1430. In fact the actual manufacturer that makes their inks already has a CLARIA set for other Epson 6 color printers, just not for the 1400 yet.

They are different. So patience is virtue. Actually I really don't see the advantage or the CONE CLARIA "Thrift" Dye inks versus existing IS or OCP CLARIA compatible 3rd party inks.

But I could be wrong, as only a direct comparizon would answer that.

I can wait if the ink will be available in "one month" as previously noted.

"The tanks are pre-filled and you slip them into a chip frame that auto-resets. You can buy more ink tanks or refill them yourself. Very convenient. We are about a month away."

But how are the Claria inks so different if there is only one formula for all other Epson printers? The ink tank system sounds interesting but that's for convenience only.

I have another 1400 that has Epson OEM inks installed and I wanted to run a comparison.  When the Epson inks are gone I will switch all my printers to Cone inks.  I use them in a 3800 with great results.

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