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The Polarization Thread

SlamdunK wrote:

It is very different to say "Seeing pictures on this forum, following other m43 forums and personal experience make me wonder why some people insist they need FF for proffesional use." Like you wrote in your first post in this thread or to say "honestly I believe very few really have a Professional need for FF compared to m43, on the contrary I belive many would benefit from using m43." Like you wrote thi your second post.


The truth is that there are very few amateurs needing FF IQ given the way they are printing or displaying their pictures. But the generalization you made in your first post shows that you lack any knowledge of how a pro works. mst if the time a pro will have different kinds of tools (camera systems) and he will use the tools he needs to get the job done, but not what is overkill. He needs reliable tools with backup and a pro support service. He needs to make sure he won't miss a shot. He will go with the tools he knows best to avoid failing of gear. MFT dn't yet there. Olympus for instance tated clearly Nile launching the E-M5 : it isn't a pro level camera. Panasonic seems to have other ambitions with the GH3, but that lies more with video than with stills.

I belive the m43 toolbox covers most of what a pro need. Pro service? Can pro service help you take better pictures? Is m43 unreliable?

Pros sell pictures, it is not much more complicated than that. D800 will not help you take better pictures compared to m43 is my argument, exept for huge prints. I have made large prints myself with m43, it looks very good.

FF is nothing more than decadence for most pros.

Well, then say what you mean.   Don't try to pass a smack-down as a tribute.   It's rather insulting - but so is the need to polarize here.   Respect for your enthusiasm for the format, but none whatsoever for your agenda.

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