Auto focus lag - Startup slow - A99

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Re: Auto focus lag - Startup slow - A99

j900 wrote:

Again , I just expect it to keep up with or do better than my A700!!!

From my 30mn testing of the A99 the current (firmware 1.0) interface is noticeably slower than the A700/A900. Many aspects (power on, settings update after control dial rotation, menu scrolling, EVF to LCD switch time, viewfinder blackout even when settings effect and preview turned off) looked a bit too slow and, for functions present on both cameras, noticeably slower than on the A900. I've seen quite a number of similar reports here and on dyxum, too.

Arggg - was afraid of that....another product that has so much potential, but executed poorly.

Another aspect that i hate is this - they say how great it is to track sports, moving objects, etc becuase of the new SLT and no break in AF.  But then your view goes black after every picture which seems even longer than the shutter on the a700.  It makes it more difficult to track than and OVF.

Look like another firmware update is much needed to have this keep up with the compitition.

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