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I was a huge fan of the RX1

drv320 wrote:

liquid stereo wrote:

drv320 wrote:

...but I could not bear to part with my X100. I dumped a bunch of other stuff in trade, but I just couldn't lose the X100. Note, I didn't say my preorder for the X100s. Sad as it is, I have an attachment to my X100. Even though it's technically inferior to my impending purchase, I couldn't do it.

Nuts? Probably. Don't care. I was able to get rid of stuff I absolutely wasn't using to get something I really want...without having to sacrifice something I really like (and USE).

The presence of the Xtrans in the X100s really has to call into question the RX1. Other than (1) Fuji raw decoding and (2) razor thin DOF, the X100s seems to be superior (in my subjective judgement).

What does the 35mm sensor get you? Certainly not IQ improvements.

No fair..you're appealing to my logical side!!

Then I started thinking about it. And then the X100s was announced.

Please go through the DPReview image comparison and select the X-Pro1 and RX1 (or A99). It seems to me that the differences are negligible and the X-Pro1 is superior above ISO 1600. Its not inconceivable that the X100s will have superior IQ to the X-Pro1. If that is the case then all that remains is the "pleasure" of owning an RX1.


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