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Re: Question for street photographers

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

How do you know people don't want to be photographed without consent. Personally i don't care who takes my picture and I have found that there are a lot of people like me especially if you make it obvious what you are doing.

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I know because I've been told so many times.  How you feel about somebody taking your pic has zero relevance when it comes to how everyone else feels.  My experience is very very few actually want their picture taken by a stranger.  I was shooting the interior of a health food store a few weeks ago (a really big one, they had an area with a fireplace and huge windows and lots of seating).  I was just taking a pic of the crowd, no faces were recognizable and here came somebody I didn't even see.   She goes up to an employee and starts reaming him out for me "taking her picture".  She was livid.  We all tried to calm her down and I promised her that if I could recognize her face in any image I wouldn't use it (checking on the LCD didn't even show her but I wasn't going to delete all of them with her standing there).  She just kept ranting.

Turns out after I reviewed all the pics she wasn't in any of them.  Boy was she mad.

Yeah, if you concentrate on winos and bums on the street, they're so downtrodden they probably won't protest.  But who wants to take their pics anyway?

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