Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

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Try riding a road bike. And try some night shots, too. (pics)
I would be interested to hear from people who have had a dilema about protability and quality and have either:

1. Kept two systems, compact and DSLR and if so is there not a dilelma of which one to take with you?

2. Gone with a compact system and love or regret it?

3. Kept the DSLR because the compact system still not quit as good?

I guess it much depends what type of photography you take and this will most likely determin if you can get away with a smaller package.

For exapmle why use a wired hammer drill for drilling a small hole to hang a picture, I guess you would use a cordless drill!!! different gear for different jobs.


I have a Sony P&S that fits in my pocket, and I have a 5D mark 3.  The Sony died in a storm at Sahale Glacier Camp this year, and I replaced it right away.  I waited quite a while to replace my 5D when it died.

I do a lot of backpacking.  And I do a lot of cycling on an ultralight road bike, up mountains throughout the Cascade Range.  I'm not going to use such an expensive bike to lug ballast around.  The Sony is perfect for this type of photography.  It's also good enough for a lot of hiking photography.  The tonal range is disappointing, but most people don't notice that.  But sleeping in the wilderness means star gazing that just isn't possible in the city, and the Sony falls down here.

The SLR and one lens come with me on hikes and snowshoe trips if I expect to use it.  It will always come on backpacking trips.  The P&S comes along regardless.

Here's some biketography, ideally suited to point and shoots.

North Cascades Highway, March 2012.

The "sweep pano" feature is fun!  This is Diablo Lake.

Icicle Creek Road.

Tumwater Canyon.

Lake Wenatchee.

Chinook Pass, Mt Rainier.

Some hiketography, also from the Sony P&S.

This mountain goat spent ten minutes with me at Iron Peak.

Ruth and Shuksan from just below Hannegan Peak.

Sunset from Sahale Glacier Camp.

Leory and Doubtful Lake.

But some photos require more specialized gear.  Both of these are from a 5D mark 3 and a 24 mm f/1.4 mark 2.

Near the sno-park at Wonderland.

Golden Gardens, Seattle.

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