Fujifilm HS50 Positive/Neg

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Re: Fujifilm HS50 Positive/Neg

TFD wrote:

I have looked at and rejected a number of previous Fuji cameras, after having bought and sold the FS100S (a bad camera with a lot of purple fringing and bad controls that reset everytime the camera went into sleep mode)

Fuji develops great camera on paper, the actual implementation appear to fall a little short, therefore Four things that need to be in place for the HS50

  • Speed and bracketing - Fuji has this anoying habit of displaying thumbnail when bracking stopping any additional picture taking

Every HS series I owned did this. It simply means that they need to increase the write times and buffer so you can continue shooting. This is something Fuji has yet to address and annoys me as well.

  • Controls - I am concerned to see that the buttons on the XS1 for WB/ISO are gone, need to understand how these functions are controlled

You will find all the controls accessible from the Q button. I could live with it but would prefer HS20/30 style.

  • Viewfinder/LCD switching - this function on the XS1/HS30 was not reliable when wearing glasses

If anything the switching on my HS20 is too sensitive, not that I use the EVF it a waste of time if you wear glasses like mine.

  • Lens 24-1000 covering a 1/2" sensor - the laws of physics might be exceeded here

I had the same thought. What are the tradeoffs (if any ) for the increase in reach?

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