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Re: GIMP is highly usable

BobSC, the question here is alternatives to Adobe, not whether professionals can use GIMP. I would say not. Amateurs like me can use GIMP. It starts faster than Photoshop, runs on all my computers, and is better for direct JPEG editing.

Not sure Aftershot has sufficient support for professionals either, but it also starts (much!) faster than Lightroom.

BobSC wrote:

Here's an example -- your boss shoots a photo indoors with the little on-camera flash. There are fluorescent lights in the room he was in, and incandescent lights in the next room. Your task is to correct the lighting in both rooms (to match the flash) and correct the light falloff from the flash.

Weird that your boss can afford to pay you as a professional photographer but cannot afford a decent camera. Good example, however.

P.S. Most fluorescent lights made in the past decade are close to daylight balanced, so this scenario hardly ever occurs nowadays.

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