Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

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Re: Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

I have owned all of the 5D series and now use the 5D MKIII. It is a great camera in all respects except for size and weight.

Last November I bought a Fuji X10.  Despite some quirks, I get pictures with that camera that I cannon get with my 5D MKIII because the little X10 fits in my coat pocket.  What attracted me to the X10 was the manual zoom, respectable high ISO performance, and  usable OVF.  That little camera also has really good optics.  I have taken 8x10 inch prints taken with a variety of cameras, including full frame cameras, under different lighting conditions to a photography class I teach and asked them to pick out the prints taken with my X10.  No way they could do it.  Sure under pixel peeping conditions you can see some differences, but not in reasonable sized prints.

Just before Christmas I bought the new Fuji X-E1 with kit (18-35) f2.8-4 and 35 mm f1.4 lenses.  As soon as the 55-200 comes out, I will order that also.  Fuji has really taken the bull by the horns.  They are using the one advantage that an APS-C sensor offers--smaller lenses.  So what you have in the X-E1 is a camera with the best APS-C sensor on the market, no AA filter, excellent high ISO performance (according to DPReview on a par with the Canon 5D MKII) coupled with really good L quality lenses in a small package.

Two big drawbacks--Adobe does not have a robust decoder for the RAW files (I think there is hope on the horizon) and bigger, the AF is way too slow for action.

So I am afraid that if size and weight are important, there is no one system that can satisfy all of our needs.

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