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Re: GIMP is highly usable

CAcreeks wrote:

My goal in editing is to make a photo look as much like the original scene as possible. I don't need or use all the editing features you described above. Sorry to judge, but it sounds like a huge waste of time.

So first you accuse me of making "misguided criticisms" but now it turns out that you really just don't understand what I'm doing.
Here's an example -- your boss shoots a photo indoors with the little on-camera flash. There are fluorescent lights in the room he was in, and incandescent lights in the next room. Your task is to correct the lighting in both rooms (to match the flash) and correct the light falloff from the flash.

That's a simple example; sometimes they're much more complicated. Your "huge waste of time" is my paycheck
But seriously, if you use Photoshop /every/ day at work, it is worth the cost -- especially if you use it in conjunction with Illustrator and Acrobat. Those "wasteful" psd files can be linked into an Illustrator file. Suppose I'm making a poster. If things don't look just right in the print, I can go back to the psd file, tweek the adjustment layer, and Illustrator automatically updates the poster. The really cool thing is I can have the psd file open in both applications at once and they don't get confused.

Most people don't do complicated stuff, so simple solutions work well for them. For people who do complicated stuff, more sophisticated solutions are a godsend. Many people seem to get by just fine without a graphics tablet. I can't imagine how.

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