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Ray Sachs
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No rules - you have to find what works for you..

alolywu wrote:

How do you do it? I'm always conscience that people don't want to be photographed without consent so how do you do it? With a 35mm FOV, you really have to be pretty close to people.

I love the street photography that I see people post but always wondered how they do it.

A number of people in this thread have told you NOT to do a bunch of specific things - if I ever listened to them I wouldn't have any street shots. When someone tells you how to do it,they're just telling you what works for them - it might or might not work for you. I could tell you how I do it but that might mean nothing to you or your ability to get comfortable. I was just attracted to it and started doing it, trying different techniques along the way (long lens, wide lens, at the eye, from the hip, pre-composing, composing on the fly, being obvious, being sneaky - I tried it all. And I found a way of shooting that works for me and almost never upsets the people I'm shooting, some of whom are aware of me, most of whom aren't. And sometimes I still change it up just for a challenge or change of pace.

Bottom line, if you enjoy the process, you'll stay at it and in time you'll grow more comfortable and find what works for you. And if it makes you too uncomfortable to enjoy it, you won't keep doing it and that's OK too - it's not for everyone. It takes a while to get comfortable and longer to get good and you have to really like it in order to put in the time.


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