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Absolutic wrote:

completely disagree, have both FF system (Canon 5DM3 with L lenses) and m43 system (oly OMD with lenses) and DOF, continuous AF, low light are all clearly to me things that are important. Each has its use, and NO, m43 system does not replace FF for me. However, once they start making F/1.0 and faster lenses ´╗┐with AF´╗┐ (thus competing with equivalent F/2.0 lenses on FF), better argument could be made. And I am glad Panasonic is making 42.5/F 1.2, it is a step in the right direction. My opinion only.

So the PL25 f1.4, 20mm 1.7 or other fast native m43 lenses on the OMD or GH-3 is not great for low light?

On the AF issue, I have a older GF2, and have never missed a shot because of autofocus, even sports, I just can not relate when people say AF is not good. (I dont shoot much birds though, so that might be the case)

I do agree that the DOF is where FF can go further, but today we have the PL 25 f1.4, soon the 43 f 1.2, 75mm f1.8 with autofocus. (and offcourse the voigtlanders f0.95 with manual focus) With short DOF when wanted. It would be great with autofocusing f0.95 lenses though.

Do you really think the weight and cost are worth the difference? Is it really a business case that can be defended for most professionals to gain those two extra stops in dof? You can take superb shots without it, Ì dont think most customers see the big difference.

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