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Re: You NEED to be prepared for action shooting

Nordstjernen wrote:

j900 wrote:

Nordstjernen wrote:

j900 wrote:

2) Startup can be sluggish.

Then just increase the time unti the camera goes to sleep.

This is not a solution - the dpr review of the A99 page 10 states that the startup time is the same whether you turn the camera on or wake it from sleep - this is one of the more worrying A99 negatives in my opinion.

Do you expect just to grab your camera and point at some action and then get great shots?

This instantly-ready-for-action-shooting thinking has very little with reality to do.

You have to be well prepared when shooting fast action!

This is your shooting style - might not be mine, might not be the OP's. No one's here to judge, we're here to answer the OP's concerns. And the solution you proposed is not a solution since the startup is annoyingly slow, whether from scratch or from sleep.

This has nothing to do with real life shooting style. You simply don't get many keepes if you are not prepared for action scenes.

Just raising the camera when something happens and fire within nonoseconds is nonsense.

Nord, I've read many of your contributions here and they're all in this style: "if you don't do what I do, then you must be a poor photographer".

Problem is, this thread is partly on the slow A99 startup, and it's not of everyone's taste. If it's fine on you, then more power to you - just don't insinuate that others who think otherwise are poor users of their gear.

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