How well does the A99 work for sports photography

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Re: Assisted focus points is only a gimmick.

Archer66 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Popular photography performs AF speed test under controlled conditions. And the conclusion sides with Sony A99 as being faster than its Canikon counterparts (5DMk3 and D800 respectively). Measured AF Speed in seconds (at light level: 12, 6 and 0):

A99: 0.27, 0.36, 0.84

5D3: 0.37, 0.45, 0.96

D800: 0.43, 0.54, 0.89

This confirms what I have heard from real Canon users ( ie not forum warriors ), Canons are crappy at focusing in low light.

This may have been the past, but the 6D can AF in -3EV, which is better than any camera you can buy except the K5-IIs (also -3EV).

EDIT: This is one of the reasons I chose pentax, I went a route that matches my needs. Pentax has gone on record saying they will continue offering cameras with no LPF, and with their excellent iso performance, world leading low light AF is a perfect marriage. I fully expect them to continue the low light and pure IQ direction (IS also boosting low light performance) completely ignoring video. For me this is perfect, if I want video I'll buy a super cheap GH2. I guess it comes down to what you need is what you should buy.

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