How well does the A99 work for sports photography

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Re: Assisted focus points is only a gimmick.

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Lack of focus points at the edges is inconsequential in real world use, and especially in action photography.

This is not really true. The lag in EVFs (yes, there is lag time) means that if a subject changes direction, you don't see it immediately, therefore don't react immediately, which means your subject will not be centered as well at any given moment compared to using OVF. This isn't going to ruin anything of course if you can still keep the subject in frame, but having a very centered AF cluster with an EVF CAN be a tracking issue. There are many people who have used both the a99/a77 and high end OVF, they admit there is a lag to the EVF, and it makes reactions a bit tougher. The a99 AF cluster may work for some, perhaps they just try harder, but it still is not ideal for tracking.

A system that makes it harder to keep your subject where you need it should have a larger area covered by FP.

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