Anyone manage to get a microphone and a flash on the OM-D at the same time?

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Re: Anyone manage to get a microphone and a flash on the OM-D at the same time?

Corkcampbell wrote:

I asked this a couple of months ago, but didn't get much response. I have the SEMA 1 mic attachment which can be used to add an external mic (which would have to be on an adapter off to the side, I guess), but that leaves out the ability for a flash, such as the 600R, right? Too bad.

Any workarounds?

I want to use the OM-D for video and stills at the same time. It's easy with a GH2, but I prefer the stills of the OM-D.

Won't work regardless. TTL requires communication from the camera and the SEMA-1 requires, communication from the camera. Even if they had a bypass cable for the SEMA-1 it wouldn't work for both at the same time because you would not be able to power the SEMA-1 accessory as it is not directly attached.

The only purpose for using both as people have asked, is exactly as you describe later in the thread ... sometimes shoot video and sometimes shoot stills, you need to prioritize and be quick about your port changes.

There is a way to minimize the time, however it is cumbersome. You would need a dual L bracket setup. Not dual as in dual hot shoe, dual as in left and right hand mounts. You will mount your mic to one of the brackets and the flash to the other. When your recording audio plug in the SEMA-1 when your not unplug it and attach it to the backet somehow, the top is flat ... maybe velcro? Next for the flash you have two options, run in RC mode and attach the supplied accessory flash to fire the fl600r or get the TTL hot shoe cable and plug that to the hot shoe on the camera, when not using it, again use velcro to stick it to the appropriate L bracket. What your asking for is a SEMA attachment that also bypasses power and communication, I doubt this will ever get created because the probability of cross talk when audio is being recorded.

My recommendation is get a powerful LED light and use that to light your subject and shoot natural light otherwise.

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