Any portable device to read the SD card by my iPad 3? Or transfer?

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Re: Any portable device to read the SD card by my iPad 3? Or transfer?

Barrie Davis wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

Apple makes a Camera Connection Kit that comes with an SD card reader, that's what you want. It will also allow you to download directly from the camera to the iPad through the usb port of the camera. It is not possible to connect an external HD to an iPad.

Is it not possible to use one of those 'single type' card readers for SD, the size and configuration of a USB stick.... that is, very compact with no wires? You just stick it in a computer USB socket like any other USB stick and transfer what's on the card. After that you can store it where you will.

Apparently not;  iPads do not have a USB port, so anything that  interfaces with it needs to connect through the single universal connector.  The Apple connection kit takes care of that for SD cards and for direct connection to a camera with a USB port.

It may even be possible to do it without a computer at all. Portable hard drives powered by batteries used to be available for "decanting" full camera cards to in the field... (Image Bank is a name that comes to mind). These devices became less necessary as card capacity became huge, but perhaps they are still around... [??]

Yes, there are still plenty of portable storage devices on the market; they have a couple advantages over an iPad or other tablet - they have a much greater capacity, and can read multiple card types.


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