Question for street photographers

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Re: Question for street photographers

alolywu wrote:

How do you do it? I'm always conscience that people don't want to be photographed without consent so how do you do it? With a 35mm FOV, you really have to be pretty close to people.

I love the street photography that I see people post but always wondered how they do it.

Those photogs are the kind of people who don't care if those they are taking pics of like it or not.  Maybe the photog is surreptitious about it, maybe they're blatant as heck, they're gonna get that person's pic dammit!

Me, my "street" photography is not about people but the street, buildings, alleys, the physical side of a city.  I find no joy whatsoever in capturing someone else's image without their permission.  My people photography is headshots for a person's portfolio, models who are just starting out and wanting practice and they all indeed have given me permission.

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