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Ryan Williams wrote:

It's easy to forget, but Steve Huff's site is just a personal blog where he writes whatever he thinks about whatever cameras he gets his hands on. He's clearly truly into his photography, and like many gearheads he does a lot of getting excited about new cameras believing each to be 'the one'.

The difference between him and us in this forum is he's amassed a sizeable audience because people actually enjoy his perspectives. And that's not unwarranted: he's written a lot of interesting articles.

Don't get hung up on the fact he changes stances and seems a bit all over the place. He's not a professional writer, his blog isn't a professional publication. Just because he's popular doesn't mean he has to write any differently to how he wrote when his blog was a crappy fledgeling — I know I wouldn't.

I feel the opposite.

I think people like Steve Huff and Ken Rockwell are great resources for advice. In fact I wouldn't have known about the X100 if it wasn't for Ken Rockwell. Steve too, went through a journey with the X100 where he initially liked it, then returned it because it was too slow etc. and then bought the black edition with the new firmware and loved it. It was great to follow that and learn from.

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