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alatchin wrote:

It isnt what you say it is either, but somewhere in the middle. The E-3 E-5 viewfinder is only slightly smaller than the D-700 5Dm11 finders and so the bird will be getting smaller in the viewfinder without a longer focal length. This will also impact perceived AF accuracy.

And D-700 is smaller than either D600 or D800, so what!? You can argue that larger formats are bigger, heavier, and more expensive, but not that you can see less through the viewfinders that have physically larger iris openings (for the same numerical aperture settings) in front of the larger mirrors that redirect that light up to the pentaprisms. You can magnify the size of the smaller and darker viewfinder to make it appear larger, but can you make it into a better focusing aid than what the physically bigger formats have as granted.

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