X-E1 or X100s for an architect?

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Re: X-E1 or X100s for an architect?

LaFonte wrote:

I travel with x100 and xpro1 - for travel the x100 bar none! The simplicity of single lens on x100 and its feathery lightness is a blessing for travel. You can have it on your neck 24/7 and not feel a thing.

People went to the x100 because it was so small and offered great IQ. But now with xpro and zoom, things are getting bigger again and frankly there is not much difference in weight and size between small dslr and xpro1 with zoom, except the later is much more expensive which s minus for travel.

Well, this is personal of course, but in my opinion a 35mm lens is not so perfect for travel. It's kind of boring I think. It depends how you travel of course and what kind of photos you take. 35mm might be OK if you just want to take snapshots of your family or so, but if you are interested in architecture or landscapes it is just not wide enough. In a lot of situations the ideal would be something in the range of 20-24mm in film equivalent focal length.

At the moment the XF 18 mm might be the best compromise. The X-E1 together with this lens is a very small and light combo, and about the same weight and size as the x100 (at least without the hood). You don't "feel a thing". A relatively small dslr like the Pentax K5 + the small limited 15mm lens still weighs almost half a kilo more. So there is a difference.

The new XF 14mm is a different story of course. Great for landscape and architecture (almost a must). See here: http://brandonremler.blogspot.de/2012/12/fujifilm-xf14mm-28-lens-hits-street.html. On the other hand it is also (slightly) bigger and heavier.

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