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So far i am still trying to get all informations i can get before i will decide, wheater i go for the FZ200 or Fuji XS-1.

Right in the moment i have the possibility to try the Fuji for a few weeks.

So far i am pretty happy about handling, EVF, surprisingly the EXR-Sensor (i was a fan of Fujis SuperCCDs in the past and wasn´t very happy when they started EXR) .. the only thing is: i am not so sure about sharpness and resolution yet.

In these terms the panny might be better, even considering the (much) smaller sensor - perhaps due to a superior lens (?). That´s what i READ ..

But of course photography is not only about resolution - another big importance is, how a camera handles situations with huge difference of shadow and light: so i may ask You .. HOW is FZ200 performing DR-wise?

Surprisingly i haven´t read anything about this subject.

The Fuji is allowing me, even at full resolution, to use DR400% setting if set to ISO400. And to my surprise, it´s really A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Getting easily blown hilights on DR100 % only, DR comes very close to my Sony a33 changing these settings ! And i haven´t even tried EXR much yet, where You can go up to DR1600%!

Downside of this technique of course is: at 12 MP You have to rise ISO to 400 minimum, which XS-1 handles adoring well (much much better than my Fuji S9100 !), but i guess resolution may be dropped ..

OR one reduces resolution to 6 MP .. there "the miracle" even happens at ISO 100 ..

Another concern of mine is the motor-zoom! Not only handling will be less convenient than the manual zoom on the Fuji - but does it produce any disturbing sound?

As i have written in another thread i just started a couple of days before:

After using SLRs for many years in the film days, i entered the digital world by happily using a Fuji S9100 for a couple of years. But as many i finally felt the urge to get myself the superior IQ of DSLR and flexibility of changeable lenses.

But actually from the very beginning i was unhappy about carrying stuff and changing these lenses. No question, IQ was better .. but a lot of "fun" disappeared .. that´s the coin to pay.

So now i would like to "down"grade again - and try to get the "right decision".

Just a few days before i brought the XS-1 for a walk: casted, not very nice light, quite "dark" in the forest. Next day - absolutly same conditions - i did the same bringing my Sony a33 and two zoom-lenses (not really high grade, but good for the price and comparable light).

And without wanting to start ANY discussion about DSLR vs. BRIDGE (anyway: it seems to be A LAW that DSLR is superior in ANY CASE and ANY DISCUSSION about it IS STUPID):

I haven´t used a tripod but i tried to get support by trees, posts, sitting down using my knees, etc. Same conditions for both systems. The Fuji i kept with ISO 400 hoping for IS - but the Sony doesn´t have a stabiliser nor do the lenses have. So the Sony i had to put on ISO 800 .. and even that seemed to be to little sometimes.

So for the DSLR i usually only manged to stop down one ap. because of otherwise too long exposure. So IF i should have wanted big DOF - NO WAY.

Before i watched the pics home on my screen, I WAS 100 % SURE, the Sony-results would put the Fuji down in the ground !! That´s what everyone tells - and that´s what i have believed.

But it wasn´t true!

Working like this (no tripod, no primes, no super high grade zooms - but no plunder aswell) not only the bridge handled the situation much easier, it also produced "superior sharpness and resolution" and even the colour was nicer.

Of course, that may be because of lack of DOF as i had to keep the lenses pretty open, timewise i was on the edge .. BUT ANYWAY: that´s how it is.

I have three dogs with me - so i can´t put up my tripod for every picture (and i wouldn´t like to do so anyway).

Coming to dogs: actually that was the only pic that the DSLR even at ISO 800 managed "better" than the Fuji: Milous fur was better resolved in the Sony-Image than in the one i took with the Fuji ..

So repeating again and again, that DSLR IQ is MUCH SUPERIOR to smaller sensored cams IN ANY CASE is - to my experience - not always true!

Using excellent lenses and having time to put up a sturdy tripod to handle longer times well - NO DOUBT!

As i said: I HAVE BEEN VERY SURPRISED MYSELF, not expecting anything like that.

And it wasn´t my reason or purpose to prove, that a bridge could be in the same league as a DSLR (which it of course isn´t anyway!) ! Actually i just wanted to see HOW MUCH of a compromise i have to live with if i am perhaps just going to use a bridge again ..


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