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Re: Question for street photographers

sgoldswo wrote:

Just try to make it clear you are taking photos (putting the camera to your face to use an EVF usually achieves that) and if people move out of the way or otherwise indicate they aren't happy ("I don't want no photos, Guv" is a clue!) don't take their photo. Be confident and engage with people (smiling really helps if you can manage it and I'm a moody barsteward). Try to avoid peoples kids if you can unless you have their (parents) permission or they are part of a crowd of disparate ages and it's unavoidable. Try to pay/tip street performers before taking their photos - they will often reciprocate by smiling for the camera.

Stellar advice.  I've never been comfortable taking clandestine photos of people.  Whenever people talk about silent shutters, ultra telephotos, and using tilt screens so that people don't know you're taking their picture, it just seems icky.

That said, I don't feel like you need to ask permission, either, in a public place.  Just be forthright that you're there taking pictures, and that some of those pictures include people.  Smiling, tipping performers, and generally not being a tool work wonders.  Being a creep who does it on the sly is asking for trouble, IMO.

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