About to order a Sony RX1...

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Re: About to order a Sony RX1...

drv320 wrote:

rosvo wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

rosvo wrote:

you got already a few cameras:


why not stick with one camera and use it ?

sorry if it sounds a bit harsh...

Oh, the consumption police are at work now.

the world could be a better place without the idiotic consumption urge and desire to possess manipulated by advertising

but this is my opinion...and I share it with myself

Your first comment wasn't harsh. This one, however, comes really close. It is your opinion, and you are entitled to it...but you didn't share it with just yourself. You shared it with this forum and, in effect, called me an idiot.

You don't even know me. It usually takes people years to figure that out.

I do plenty to try and make the world a better place. I give my time, my talent, and some of my money to those who have less than I. I am in a position to do that, feed my family, pay my bills, and save for the future. If I want to indulge a bit...so what!?!

Keep in mind that I decided to get rid of gear I wasn't really using to defray the cost of this luxury. If you want to think I'm an idiot...fine. If you want to think that about anyone else...fine. Just keep it to yourself.

sorry if I offended you, it was not the purpose


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