About to order a Sony RX1...

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Re: About to order a Sony RX1...

JackM wrote:

Keep in mind that with the Sony RX1 you gain about one stop of speed/DOF, but you lose the built-in VF and the pocketability. Seems like kind of a wash.

You're right, and I agree in theory.  But I do get 12 more megapixels...which allows for LPS (lazy photographer syndrome).  If I want to crop, I'll have tons of room to do it!  I slap myself on the hand with a ruler every time I do it, so I'll learn to compose properly...eventually!

I do like having the VF when I want it, but I'm not uncomfortable without it.  I don't really see my X100 as pocketable (for me).  I keep it in the half-case with a strap (full on never-ready when traveling).

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