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shamus11 wrote:

trekkeruss wrote:

Reading some of your other threads, I don't see how asking for yet more opinions is going to help you. You know the old saying, "Too many cooks spoil the broth?" Well, too many opinions will merely confuse you. There is no perfect camera, nor is another person's choice the best choice for you.

Don't be so petrified to make a decision. If you're that scared to get it wrong, purchase from a retailer with a flexible and generous return policy.

My photography teacher suggests that a camera should be on the market for 3yrs before you purchase it. I was hoping to get some feedback that would help me look at some reputable cameras that fit my needs. The answer I was hoping for is to the question "What is your favorite camera and why is it your favorite camera?

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linda coleman

So, what are your needs?

Sony A700 and A900 have been on the market that long. Good basic camera with few bells and whistles. If you still have glass for that A200 it'll work on the A700 as well, and may on the A900.

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