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Again, it's a difficult call without knowing more about the type of photography you do. I do see you've invested in a Sony A200 at some point. If you've colleced some good lenes then staying with Sony is probably the least costly as you won't have to re-purchase any glass. In all honesty the camera isn't as important as the glass is. The difference between a Sony A99, Nikon D600, and whatever Canon is mostly up to user preference. Just look at the reviews here and on DXO Mark. Sure, the fanboys will scream from the top of a mountain "Nikon or go home!" but if you are just a hobby photographer it's all about the same. Glass on the other hand makes a huge difference. A Sony mount Carl Zeiss 85mm is stunning. A Tamron 18-200mm for $300 is marginal.

If you are invested in Sony and don't want to spend big $$ in replacing glass, stay with Sony. Otherwise, if you want an opinion I'll gladly give you mine and be another cook in the kitchen. Go get yourself a Nikon D7000 and some good quality lenses.

One question though. If you photography teacher is suggesting time frame for purchasing used equipment, why has he not suggested what camera would be good for you. Have you asked him?

I did answer your question "what's my favorite camera and why". It's the camera I have in my hands, because I can take photos with it. It's a tool, nothing more, nothing less. I understand you are trying to avoid buyers remorse, I get that. But there is no one right answer. What's good for me, or a favorite for me, may not be for you. For example, I could care less about live view, never use, just prefer to look through the OVF (didn't really like EVF either). For you, those may be important features. Again though, they are just features. A lot of cameras have a lot of the same features. I don't shoot sports photography so FPS isn't important to me. It may be to you, I don't know.

What camera's have you looked at that have features (bells and whistles as you say), and what features exactly were they, that you found useless? Again (I feel like i say that too much) it's a feature that enables ME to get better quality. It's not a feature that helps the camera get better quality.

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