No Byass Please.D800/E or 5D MK 111

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Re: No Byass Please.D800/E or 5D MK 111

peter doncaster wrote:

A Owens wrote:

peter doncaster wrote:

Hi all

I was not sure which forum to go on, as I am caught between the 2 big semi pro guns, Nikon and Canon.

I do Landscapes, so is it a no brainer?.

I took 300 photos on last trip I did. I had to get them on my computer . How many shots can you get on a 16g card. And how easy do 36mp download. This and live view concern me alot. How reliable are the D800's now. Will they improve live view magnification, or is it not a problem to you all.

Where as the 5D mk 111 seems pretty reliable and does not have those issues. Hopefully if I got a D800 or D00E, I wont get iffy focus points. I shoot Landscapes with 5D mk 11 17-40 lens ,having used D300s previously. All I would need if I go Nikon is the camera and a FX lens, of no less than 16mm wide. which lens is best?.

If I go with Canon 5D MK 111. I would use the 17-40. I will part ex all my gear except a couple of lens to change. Would really like unbiased views, and hope no one finds reason to take the mick.


I am a recent convert to 800e from Canon. I feel the only advantage it has over a 5dmk3 is its beautifully clean shadows and the ability to lift those shadows. I cannot really notice the higher DR recorded by DXO neither can I really notice the resolution increase. It will be interesting to see what DXO rate its resolution at once they test it with some good lenses. Maybe only 1 or 2 megapixels more than a 5dII/Dx3 I suspect. Realising the full resolution from a digital sensor seems rather difficult in reality.

The focus of the 800 is very good but probably not better than 5dIII and possibly inferior.

Many aspects of the 800 drive me mad. Live view, write speed in live view, the menu structure, buttons, button placement etc. In particular if live view is a concern to you, take a look at both Canon and Nikon live view implementations. The Nikon implementation really is very poor in comparison. Fred Miranda did an analysis of this a while back, do a search on that.

So in summary, AFAIAC the 800's party trick is its great shadows, and the change was worth it to me for that. The rest of it is not terribly compelling against the competition.

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Thanks for your opinion. I know when the sky is important in a shot the shadows can be very important, and bringing them out in PP can be very rewarding. I would think any help in that direction would be a very good thing. Is that all you get from it though. mmm. Peter

Yes, that is my objective opinion on it. Shadow noise (800 wins big time) and live view (5dIII wins big time) are the two big differentiators between the two bodies (800 and 5d MKIII). Any other differences are much less material. After that its all lenses.

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