Anyone still using older manual Nikkors and about consistency ...

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Re: Anyone still using older manual Nikkors and about consistency ...

They work for me.

I have a bunch of Nikon F lenses from the mid-60’s. At the time, I bought a series of lenses for my Nikon F’ cameras. (see my profile)  The lenses have early Nikon F bayonet mounts (Pre-AI and non-CPU) and they are in mint condition.

When Nikon introduced their DSLR’s I was extremely disappointed in that, other than high end DSLR’s, they would not accept lenses prior to 1977.  However, when Nikon marketed the affordable D40, the D40X and the D60 some hope of putting those old lenses to good use became a reality.  Later I bought a D60, a D5000 and a d7000 with the full understanding that the old lenses would shoot only in manual mode and that there would be no meter support. After all, I had been manually setting my cameras for years.

What I have learned so far:

-              The old lenses physically fit on the newer digital cameras .  (No evidence that aperture control tab on the camera was damaged.)

-              With careful and deliberate manual focusing you can get VERY sharp pictures. (especially  with the 50mm NIKKOR-S  f:1.4.)

-              A focus screen replacement, sold by Katz Eye™, has a split prism circle very similar to the one you’d find in many classic SLRs. The new screen makes manual focusing a breeze.

-              EXIF reporting is abbreviated. Not all parameters are recorded.

-              A light and/or flash meter is very helpful.

-              I need a lot of lighting technique practice.

Bottom line:

I am happy as a clam to learn that my old lenses are still useful and I use them a lot..

They work for me.

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