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Ryan Williams
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Re: Steve Huff - X100S

It's easy to forget, but Steve Huff's site is just a personal blog where he writes whatever he thinks about whatever cameras he gets his hands on. He's clearly truly into his photography, and like many gearheads he does a lot of getting excited about new cameras believing each to be 'the one'.

The difference between him and us in this forum is he's amassed a sizeable audience because people actually enjoy his perspectives. And that's not unwarranted: he's written a lot of interesting articles.

Don't get hung up on the fact he changes stances and seems a bit all over the place. He's not a professional writer, his blog isn't a professional publication. Just because he's popular doesn't mean he has to write any differently to how he wrote when his blog was a crappy fledgeling — I know I wouldn't.

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